Common Support Questions

Basic FAQ

  • What are the limitations of the free Webplanner trial?
    • Free trials are limited to two-weeks. Trial is full-featured with four exceptions: trial users cannot upload files, are limited to a maximum of one project (Basic users get one project, Pro & Premium users have unlimited projects); limited to three collaborators; and do not get tech support
  • I don’t remember my password/username
  • I am a great sales lead! I could be sweet-talked and up-sold!
  • How do I manage my Pro subscriptions?
    • The primary contact on the account should log in to Webplanner, and go to Settings (upper-right) > License Manager.

Common bugs

  • Silverlight isn’t working
    • Is your browser up-to-date? If not, update it. Keep in mind that Webplanner runs best in Firefox and Explorer.
    • Empty your computer's trash.
    • If you haven't restarted your computer, do so.
    • Once your computer has restarted, open your browser again, and verify the version and status of Silverlight by selecting (in Firefox, it's Tools > Add-ons > Plugins).
    • Make sure Javascript is enabled (in Firefox, it's Preferences > Content).
  • Project email notifications and team member project invites aren’t delivering.
    • If no bounces, users should check their Spam box and to double-check that the email address was typed correctly.
    • If still no email, tell them to try clicking the Resend invitation link in the Team panel on the Overview page. [for missing team invites]
  • I’m experiencing a bug. I’m using Chrome on a Mac or PC.
    • Chrome no longer supports Silverlight on either Macs or PC's. Try switching to Safara or Firefox on a Mac, or Internet Explorer 10+ or Firefox on a PC.

Common questions

  • How can I backup my work?
    • Right-click on a project name on the Dashboard and select Copy Project. This creates a duplicate. Unfortunately, task assignments will not copy over.
    • To create a backup with assignments intact, there is a roundabout solution. On the Reports page, export the project as a prx (Project KickStart) file. These files will save assignments and can be imported back into Webplanner at any time. Good to let the user know that this works even if they don’t have Project KickStart.
  • Does Webplanner integrate with PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Word, MS Project, ACT, WBS Chart, MindManager, Sage, Mindjet, Critical Tools
    • No, but Project KickStart does. 
  • Why can’t I do [X] in Webplanner reports? Why aren’t there higher-level across-all-projects features?
    • It’s possible Project KickStart offers this functionality.
  • Is there a mobile version of Webplanner?
    • Not yet. offers tools that can be used as a workaround solution.
  • The Schedule isn’t printing well. I have a long/complicated project.
    • The Gantt chart can be printed if you export it as a jpg by clicking the red right-facing arrow on the Schedule page. Unfortunately, schedules that are longer than one page need to be edited in an external image viewing/editing program (like Photoshop) to print well. PKS does have better printing, if the user would like to export the project to PKS or the PKS trial.
  • Why can’t I invite anyone to the project? Can a project have two owners? etc
    • Only the project owner can invite users to a project. Currently, there can only be one project owner.

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